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CR 20 Electronic  
Capacity: 20.000 l/h  
Pressure: 220 up to 350 bar max.  
Weight: aprox. 250 Kg  
Sea-proof models 

All completly automatic 

25 months full garantee 




OLMEVA AEROSUB division presents the REFILLING PANEL with lever valves that can be connected to any compressor, an addition to the range of AEROSUB accessories available on the market. Designed and produced entirely in our company the new standard refilling panel can contain up to 5 lever valves and can be supplied in a wall-mounted version or supplied with a special stand for greater versatility.
The standard ramps are pre-set to be connected to each other in order to satisfy all the customer's specific requirements.
Thus it is possible to have, for example, a section of the ramp set at 300 bar and another at 200 bar or, by connecting different panels to obtain a single one with a maximum of 20 cocks.

The lever cocks mounted on the panel are extremely robust and have 3 positions (open, closed, whip depressuriser) that make it extremely fast to use.
Each cock is normally supplied with a "non-return valve" to avoid polluted air being diverted into other recipients);
the user who only uses his own cylinders (and who is therefore certain of their degree of cleanliness) can request the version without "non-return valves".
Every panel is equipped with a 0/400 Bar mechanical pressure gauge; on request a pressure measurer can be supplied. The structure, made from 1.5 mm steel sheet, is galvanised and subsequently painted with electrostatic polyester resin powder while all the nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel.


Designed and built entirely by our company, starting from a solid block of steel to guarantee strength which will stand the test of time and reduce maintenance.
Work pressure is guaranteed at 330 Bar and all the contrasting and moving parts are made from "Aisi 304"stainless steel.
The lever performs 3 functions simultaneously:
• closed valves
• open valves (charging)
• rapid depressurising of the whip (filling finished)
A single simple gesture makes the operation of connecting and disconnecting the cylinders to be filled quick and productive.
Unlike normal rotation cocks, the latest lever valves of OL.ME.VA. div. AEROSUB ensure:
• at least two thirds of time saved when connecting and disconnecting the gas jars;
• 70% time saved on maintenance after 3,000 operations
• minimum number of parts subject to wear (OR and seals made of Teflon), which can however be changed inexpensively and quickly thus maintaining its purchase value over a period of time.
The panel includes:
• 5 lever valves with 3 positions: open, closed and whip depressuriser made of chromed brass and stainless steel; on each cock 1 "non-return" valve is mounted to avoid diversion from one cylinder to another, during filling.
• safety valve on each valves
• 1 mechanical pressure gauge precision 0/400 BAR to check the pressure of the panel.
Dimensions: 70 x 24 x 17 cm.
On request it is possible to install 1 digital pressure gauge pressure switch that makes it possible to stop at a pre-set final charging pressure.
As always our technical office is at your disposal for further information.
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