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CRVS 13-16-20  
Capacity: 13.000/16.000/20.000 l/h  
Pressure: 220 up to 350 Bars Max  
Weight:from aprox. 240 Kg to 320 Kg  
Noise level: the sound-proof cabin desinged to hold 3 compressors does not exceed 66 db  
Sea-proof models 

All completly automatic 

25 months warranty 




Olmeva's entire machine range can compress industrial inert gas with simple adaptations and precautions.
Depending on needs or requirements, it is po
ssible to choose from 6 cubic meters/hour up to 30 cubic meters/hour, or using two compressors, properly connected (e.g. 30 + 30=60 m3/h).
If you use your own equipment it is always necessary to connect the inlet to a suitable intake filter.
Generally the equipment
manufacturer (helium generator manufacturer) proposes an ideal volume cylinder, but the customer can also rely on Olmeva's experience and technical abilities.
However, using helium for own work activities, such as leak detectors in verification of particular products, considering the gas is quite expensive, it is often appropriate and necessary to recover it.
Olmeva compressors, especially VS range (from 6 to 17 m3/h), can intake helium to recover and bring it back in storage cylinders with an average loss, such as 4-5%.
For further information, advice and cost-effectiveness assessments please contact Olmeva's technical Department.

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