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The filtering systems are a considerably important component of machines which produce breathable air. Studies carried out in this sector, and the technology which has been consequently implemented, have made it possible to drastically reduce pollutants by using special wings with new mechanical condensation separators which are much more efficient than those used in the past in reducing water and oil vapours before the actual filtering system. This also improves the life-span and the efficiency of the cartridges and consequently reduces running.

A filtering system, in its most complete version, makes it possible to intervene where there are residues of oil mist, water, and also carbon monoxide and dioxide. Considering that a modern compressor, which is correctly designed, constructed and maintained, as in OL.ME.VA Aerosub's current range, and which does not produce practically any carbon monoxide or dioxide, gases that may however be present in the air we breathe, however requires the availability of a complete and versatile pack of filters, including one or more cascading towers, containing polyvalent cartridges or specific cartridges to determine substances. It is always therefore possible to produce, according to the customer's requirements, a complete system using several towers or cartridges side by side, so as to ensure air which corresponds to the various international standards, both civilian and military.
All the filters can stand pressures up to 600 bar and the efficiency of the filtering reaches 0.5 microns.
The company and its technical staff can supply the customer with specific advice.
The filter packs can also be connected to old machines, to revitalise performance and the quality of the air supplied.
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