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CR 20 Electronic  
Capacity (cubic metres)  
Pressure: 220 up to 350 bar max.  
Weight: aprox. 250 Kg  
Sea-proof models 

All completly automatic 

25 months warranty 


CRVS 20 Supersilent version available cubic-meter/hour
CRVS 13-16

CR 20 Electronic

The CR20 ELECTONIC is a high performance aircooled compressor unit, ideally suited for breathing air refilling stations.

The charging rate of the four-stage compressor is 20.000 litres/hour or 12 CFM (333 litres/minute), at a rotation rate of just 1800 RPM, with maximum pressure capability of 350 bar ( 5000 PSI).
Like all products by OLMEVA, it can operate at ambient temperatures between - 10°C and + 45°C.
Lubrification of the CR 20 ELETRONIC is by means of a force feed oil pump wich delivers lubricant via an oil pressure regulator to the final compression stage.

The lower stages ant the main, big and small and bearings are controlled oil mist lubricated. Efficient oil and moiusture interstage and final separators are fitted to increase the life of the filtration system wich meets the BS4275 and DIN3188 breathing air standars.

The standard 10 hp motor drive is suitable for 380 volt 3 phase 50 Hz electric supply. However, other prime movers can be supplied on request.

Particular attention has been given to ensure noise levels are kept to a minimun, and unwanted structure-borne noise is not trasmitted to the foundations.

The average noise level at three metres is below 85 dBa.
The CR20 ELECTRONIC refilling station is supplied ready to be used and includes all essential equipment for its operation.

Standard features include:
• control panel complete with hours run meter, start button, indicator light and glycerine-filled pressure gauges.
• Safety valves on each of the compressor stages, filter package and refilling manifold give protection against accidental overpressurisation.
• To enable easy and efficient operation of the compressor, automatic control is supplied as a standard feature.
An electronic pressure switch is fitted wich will stop the machine at the desired pressure.
The compressor will automaticallyunload and drain the condensate from the interstage an final separators.
• Four refilling hoses fitted with opening - closing valves, pressure release devices and non - return valves.
• The filter package wich ensures the quality of air meets the required breathing air standards is suppliedwith two cartridges, one for operation and one spare.

The compressor is mounted in a strong protective cage preventing operators from accidentally touching moving parts, and therefore guarantees their safety. Its approximate dimensions are 1060 mm x 660 mm x 770 mm (42x26x31 inches), and its approzimate weight is 250 Kg (600 Lbs).
All bolts and parts subject to wear or salt aggression are made of special alloys or stainless steel.
Before being painted with baked finish, the compressor frame is zinc paited. the CR 20 ELECTRONIC compressor is not only suitable for compressing ai for breathing, but also for the compression of technical gases to be used un variuosindustrial fields.

For any special requirements for particular applications, or estimates or feasibility studies, please contact our Technical Department.


Cr 20
Motor driver
Electric three-phase
Capacy (cube meter)
Fillin hoses 4
Automatic restarting Yes
(width x lenght x height)
66 x 106 x 77
Weight in Kg 250
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