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CR 13-16 Electronic  
Capacity: 220 up to 350 Bars Max  
Pressure: 220 fino a 350 bar max.  
Weight: 180 Kg  
Sea-proof models 

All completly automatic 

24 months warranty 


CRVS 13-16 Supersilent version available cubic-metres/hour
CRVS 13-16

CR 13-16 Electronic

The CR 13-16 ELECTONIC is a high performance three-stage aircooled compressor unit, ideally suited for average breathing air refilling stations, provides 212 and 270 litres/minute equivalent to 13 and 16 m³/hour (+/-5% tolerance), max pressure up to 350 Bar, respectively at 1300 rpm and 1800 rpm.
Air cooled compressors, as the whole O.L.ME.VA. Production, can operate between 10 and 45° C and may be provided with appropriate equipment to extend the indicated range.
The compressors are
oil splashed lubricated, a very simple but effective system.
The reliable and efficient filtration system allows it to meet widely under BS 4001 and DIN 3188 international breathing air standard.
The compressors are normally supplied with three-phase electric motors 380 V. 4 KW (5.5 HP), and 380 v. 5.5 KW (7.5 HP).
However petrol or diesel engines can be supplied on request.
The average noise level is approximately 78 DB(A), at 3 meters distance.
Reduced noise level versions are available, on request.
Particular care has been placed in vibration reduction (avoiding vibrations to foundations).
Compressors are supplied in fully automated versions and ready to use, and include all essential equipment for the operation. To operate the compressors, it only needs to connect them to a socket, after filling the pumping unit with the right amount of
Standard compressors are equipped with:
Control Panel, including hour-meter, start/stop push buttons and emergency stop, glycerine-filled explosion-proof pressure gauges, electronic adjustable pressure switch for stopping the compressor at the desired pressure;
unit, including the operator protections and electric motor, mechanistic for slow pumping start-up (on request, on model “CR 13”), dramatically reducing the seizure risk and allowing the start-up with reduced power, and changeover to regular rpm, automatic condensate drain and valves opening during the start-up (less power consumption);
Refilling hoses fitted with opening/closing valves, pressure release device, non return valves (thus increasing the machines performance so the pumping element and the filtration systems remain under pressure);
automatic safety valves on each stage (for the compression stages protection from accidental overpressure), on the filters package and charging connectors;
integrated filtering system consisting of two mechanical condensate separators, equipped with electromagnetic control pneumatic drain valves, a de-oiling and a multi-purpose cartridge (2 spare cartridges are supplied for each machine);
lastic tank for condensate collector and removable silenced drain.
The compressors are supplied in a protective cage preventing operators from accidental contact with moving parts and therefore ensuring maximum safety.
Nuts, bolts and parts liable to wear are special alloys or stainless steel.
The chassis, is pre-galvanized before varnishing.
CR 13 e CR16 are not only suitable for compressing breathable air, but also used for industrial use with technical gases.
For further information, requirements, suggestions and feasibility studies please contact Our Technical and Commercial Department.
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Cr 13-16 Electronic
Motor driver
Three-phase electric
Capacity (cubic metres)
Kw 4
HP 5,5
(width x lenght x height)
91 x 65 x 74
Weight Kg 175
* Complete with automatic stop and manual condensate drain.
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