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230 up to 330 Bars Max  
All completely automatic (o) Automatic switch-off device  
24 months warranty  
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All completly autoatic 

Hour meter 
24 months full garantee 
  • 3 COMPACT 8.4
  • 3 COMPACT 8.4
  • 3 COMPACT 8.4
Camouflage version available
Compact 8.4 Verione mimetica
Silent version available

Compact 8.4

We are pleased to present the Olmeva marine series, 140 litres/minutes portable compressors range mainly for individual users as well as small groups of divers, designed to compress air, nitrogen, nitrox and trimix mixtures.
These compressors have been optimized for a marine application in challenging conditions, starting from the chassis (galvanized and varnished with polyester resins), the coolers (aluminium or stainless steel) to the mounting stainless steel nuts and bolts.
Mechanics, among the most reliable market, has been continually refined to achieve excellent performance, easy to handle, reduced weight and size, with a modern, compact and neat design.
The noise level is very low, especially the electric engines.
COMPACT 8.4 is a four-stage, air-cooled, oil splash lubricated compressor, designed for a proper intermediate pressure distribution and excellent cooling interstage, capacities from 100 to 140 litres/minute.
Air-cooled compressors, emit air not more than 7°-9° C compared to the temperature.
splashed lubricated compressors, not requiring exaggerated sized crankcases; this solution does not penalize the reliability because the 4th stage is placed at the bottom, therefore dipped in lubricant, while the remaining stages are equipped with special high smoothness plastic piston rings, needing little lubrication.
The filtration system, designed to minimize the undesirable substances in the fluid, ensures standards air under EN 12021, with two condensate separators and a filter.
The two condensate separators placed at the 3
rd and 4th stage exit are mechanical (over time they only need cleaning, not components replacement), and shall eliminate most of the oil and water vapour in the fluid.
The final filtration system is performed by a maximized activated carbon-molecular sieve cartridge, average duration equivalent to 30 hours, for 100 litres/minute compressors and equivalent to 20 hours, for 140 litres/minute compressors, with a simple and quick replacement.
All models are equipped with
automatic switch-off device and those with electric engines also have hour-meter as well as contractor and motor thermal protection, start and stop push button powered by low voltage.
Two lamps on the control unit show the correct power supply as well as the motor protection device.
Each machine is equipped with a stainless steel control pressure manometer and one or two 1,5 meters long refilling hoses (even longer, on customer's request), depending on either with international bracket (A clamp) or fitting Din 200/300 bar.
The COMPACT range is fitted with three engines (electrical single-phase, electrical three-phase and combustion) and two operating pressures (230 and 300 bar).
Use and Maintenance manual is also provided, as well as the tools for regular maintenance, a spare filter cartridge and a special synthetic oil can for pumping unit.
In the most complete version, the compressor is equipped with automatic condensate drain system.

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Compact 8.4 S
Compact 8.4 ET
Compact 8.4 EM*
Motor driver
4 stroke engine
Electric three-phase
Electric single-phase
Capacity (cubic metres)
8.4 (5 cfm)
8.4 (5 cfm)
8.4 (5 cfm)
Kw 4,8 4 3
HP 6,5 5,2 4
(width x lenght x height)
78 x 33 x 46 66 x 39 x 46 66 x 39 x 46
Weight in Kg 47 55 59
* Compressor electric single phase driven output decrease of about 20%
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