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Capacity (cubic metres)  
Pressure: 220 up to 350 bar max.  
Weight: 279 - 283 Kg  

New silent sets  

Sea-proof compressor  
All completly automatic  
Noise level: 66/67 decibel (at 1 meter)  

Compact 17Vs


Developed from a high pressure compressor which has been on the market for years and which has been continually up-dated, the "Compact 6VS " (VS stands for Vertical Silenced), equipped with a pumping element of 100 litres per minute, has always been upgraded for its safety, quality, reliability and ease of use but especially for its economical running.

In the light of the new laws against noise and on the basis of our customers' increased sensitivity to the problem, we decided to create a new family of machines they maintain a hight quality of production, combined competitive price, significant lowering of noise levels and hight levels of automation.
They are based on devices studied and produced inside the company, which has already for some time been present with compressors of great performance.

That's what led to the family of 6VS and 12VS, four-stage silenced compressors (noise level approx. 66-67 dB at one metre), standing vertically, aircooled, oil-mist lubricated, with respective capacities of 6 and 12 cubic metres/hour that can operate up to a maximum pressure of 350 bar with a rotation speed of only 2200 rpm.
There is a generous share of automation and safety devices : automatic shout-down device at the desired pressure, hour counter for ordinary maintenance, electric motor protection with solenoid starter and thermal switch, low voltage electronic controls, automatic silenced discharge of condensa-tion , possibility of automatic restart also at different pressures, safety valves at third and fourth stage.

All screws are made of stainless steel and the cooling coils are made of highly resistant aluminium alloy and stainless steel.
The chassis, made from 1,5 mm sheet, is painted with high-quality polyester resin and thanks to the particular manifactu- re it practically does not trasmit vibration to the floor.

The filtering system, with several stages, is composed of 2 mechanical condensation separators, final filter with multi-functional cartridge with a life of approx. 30 hours , pressure maintenance valve (to optimise filtering and to increase the duration of the cartridge) and, in the most complete version, also a de-oiling cartridge.
The 6VS model is equipped with just one hose while the 12VS has two as standard and considering its features it can be used as any " level" of refilling station. On request more hoses can be added.
It is absolutely reliable being equipped with two compressors which are totally indipendent and having two electric motors with separete filtering systems.

All the machines, equipped with pressure gauges in glycerine bath,can also be supplied in the manual version.

The sales service and our design team are at your complete disposal for special requirements or feasibility studies.

Motor driver
Electric three-phase
Electric single-phase*
Capacy (cube meter)
Kw 6/4,4
(width x lenght x height)
118 x 73 x 125
Weight Kg 279-283
* With a single-phase motorperformance decreases by approximately 20%
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