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The HemO2 Blender is the latest flow-through equipment for binary (Nitrox) and ternary (Trimix) gas mixtures generation, controlled by a microprocessor core, combined with a dedicated electric control unit, which leads the connected compressor.
It can be used with compressor from 6 up to 30 cubic meters/hour.
The central unit is self powered and can be used, with a second independent circuit for the gas analysis, to verify the produced mixtures or be easily removed from the blender and used as a portable Analyzer.
The Blender switch key (on/off) allows the compressor to be used as if it were totally disconnected from the controller.
Safety devices operate in the case of sensor failure, values exceeding and shut-down, compressor default, shutting off the gas supply.
When start-up, the blender performs a complete internal electronic and sensors status diagnostic test, as well as the calibration, indicating the test and values on the display.
The user can set the minimum and maximum warning threshold, gauge the sensors for particular gas levels and the sensors to maintain the measurements accuracy.
Valves for gas setting allow accurate, very precise and stable calibrations.
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