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Unico (Nitrox - Trinox)

The models in the CRVS series are silenced, vertical versions of the Electronic Cr -13-16-20.
These machines have been specially designed and built to satisfy the requirements of filling stations.
The CRVS version, combines the well-known functional nature and reliability of the models which have been on the market for some time, and from which they derive, with an exceptionally low noise level (65-66 at 1 meter).

In practical terms the noise level obtained of 65-66 db can be compared to the sound made by people talking to each other in a normal voice at a short distance.

The pumping elements, in 4 and 3 stages, supply 216 (CRVS-13), 270 (CRVS-16) and 330 (CRVS-20) litres/minute equal respectively to 13,000, 16,000 and 20,000 litres/hour (with a tolerance of +/- 5%) to a maximum pressure of 350 bar, with a speed of only 1800 and 1300 r.p.m. All the machines are air-cooled and can operate at a temperature of between 10 and 40 degrees centigrade. If necessary, special equipment can be produced to exceed these temperatures.
The CRVS-20 has a mixed lubrication system, oil-mist under pressure, while the other two models are designed to use the simpler but no less efficient oil-mist system.

Particular care has gone into producing the filtering system which is notably reliable, long-lasting and efficient. Common to all the machines, this includes a series of mechanical water/oil separators (maintenance-free, they make it possible to reduce a remarkable quantity of water vapour and oil mist before the filtering cartridges, thus increasing their efficiency and life-span), a special de-oiling cartridge and a final filtering element with the aim of obtaining a truly excellent quality of final air, which corresponds to standards BS 4001 and Din 3188.

The machines are usually equipped with three-phase 380V 50/60 Hz electric motors.
However they can be supplied with different voltages to make them suitable for use in the most diverse conditions. Particular care and attention has been dedicated to the study and elimination of parasite vibrations (so as not to transmit them to the foundations).
All the models are supplied in a completely automated version ready for use.
This means that to begin working with maximum productivity and efficiency you simply have to plug the machine into a socket with the right current, after having filled it with the right quantity of pumping oil using the small can of special lubricant provided.
Our company has always preferred to supply its products with all the devices to increase the life-span and level of security of the machine and to reduce manual interventions to a minimum, in order to increase your productivity.

The control panel, situated on the front of the machines, complete and ergonomically designed, includes a cutout switch, Stop/Start buttons, adjustable electronic pressure switch, hour counter, flame-proof glycerine-bath pressure gauge.

The gearcase situated inside the machine includes the guards for the electric motor, the automatisms for slow starting of the pumping element (that make it possible to drastically reduce the risks of seizure when the machine is cold, excluding the CRVS-13), the automatic silenced condensation drains, and automatic opening of the pressure valves to reduce acceleration when starting.

The filling whips, 4 or 3 according to the model, are equipped with lever cocks for rapid limited depressurising that makes for very fast connection and disconnection.
Safety valves on the phases and on the filter pack protect the machines from accidental overpressure.
Two filtering cartridges are supplied with the compressors as well as maintenance tools, one as part of the equipment, one as a spare.
Nuts and bolts and parts susceptible to wear and corrosion from salt water are made of special alloys or stainless steel.

The frame is galvanised before being painted in the kiln.
The machines are not only suitable for compressing air for use for underwater breathing apparatus but can also be adapted to use technical and industrial gases.

For different equipment or special uses our technical office is at your disposal to, provide estimates, suggestions or feasibility studies.




(width x lenght x height)
170 x 500 x 900
Weight Kg aprox. 15
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